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"True healthcare at its best!"

Jessica, Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying working with you on your myAyu website. It is better than going to the doctor! I can access my health plan 24-7, message you when I have a question, (and you always write me back) and review my dietary suggestions anytime. I just love it. When I think about the hours and hours I have wasted in years past driving to the dr.'s office and waiting to be seen, and then sometimes I only got a few minutes with the dr., I don't know why anyone does it anymore. This is true healthcare at its best! With much gratitude,

- Julie McC, SC

8 weeks

"I will be forever grateful!"

I have had pneumonia thirteen times in five years. I tried everything to stop the cycle--so many diets and alternative therapies. I had developed a really sad relationship with food--I had not had a hunger pang or an appetite for years. I thought there was hardly a thing I could eat without becoming ill. A friend pleaded with me to see Jessica, but I was hesitant because I had "already tried everything." Since she was so reasonable with her fees I finally decided to see her and within just a few days, she had me out of the danger zone and on my way to feeling better! What I love the most about her is that she truly has compassion for her clients--she was accessible to me, and watched over me until I was over the worst part. Her compassion, together with her wisdom and knowledge are such a blessing! I will be forever grateful! I have an appetite and enjoy eating once again. I now consider Jessica to be my health consultant for life! I HIGHLY recommend her for anything that ails you!

- Heidi L., Orem UT

16 weeks

"Feeling better than I have in 15 years!"

In a matter of 2-3 weeks Jessica has significantly improved my level of health more than anyone in the last 15 years. She gave me hope that I can actually feel really good in my body and I haven’t had that hope in a very long time. The best part is she did it with very little “to do” around food. There was some protocol with food but I never had that feeling of “I am never going to be able to do this.” The herbs (formulations) are powerful in their action in the body. They last a long time and are extremely cost-effective. My body and digestive system is feeling stronger every day and I’m finally eating, enjoying and digesting foods that I haven’t been able to eat for a long while, at least not without a lot of discomfort. Jessica has given me a new lease on life!

- Kim D., Durham NC

10 weeks

"I feel so much better in just four months."

When I first went to see Jessica, I was physically and mentally exhausted. Over the years I had developed some negative coping mechanisms such as constantly eating, even when I wasn’t hungry. This led to constant, self-destructive mental noise. What a relief that this is over! The compulsion to be constantly snacking has greatly diminished, and I’ve lost weight. My digestion is much better. Many dark brown spots/blemishes on my skin have faded. The veins on my legs are less prominent. I have more energy. I believe Jessica is extremely knowledgeable; she is also a careful and compassionate listener, which makes her a great diagnostician. The suggestions she has made to improve my diet and lifestyle have been things I’ve been able to implement gradually—nothing has been overwhelming. She understands the constraints of daily life and is always positive and cheerful when I’ve explained I haven’t been able to undertake everything. I look forward to my treatments and couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made.

- Ginny F., Hendersonville NC

24 weeks

"I am healing!"

I've been on this "heal my body and soul" journey since April 18, 2013, when I finished my radiation therapy. Cancer treatments left me raw, rough, exposed, bare. I wanted to try Ayurvedic medicine but I knew I couldn't do it without a practitioner, so after much research and on high recommendation, I reached out to Jessica Vellela. And she has rocked my world. My biggest issues had to do with my digestion which has not been the same since cancer, and I really wanted to feel at peace in my gut. As well, my moods have been swinging, radically, including needing anti-anxiety medication, and I have been so tired, since my initial chemo treatment three years ago. My gut - particularly my bowels, are now operating properly! My head is clear. My moods have evened out. And my anxiety is 99% gone. I am off all but one of my prescription medicines, and I finally feel whole! After three months of work with Jessica, I, and those close to me, have noticed this shift from rough and coarse and cracked, to me.

- Ronda W., Orem UT

12 weeks

"I highly recommend myAyu!"

After eating organic, nutrient-dense foods for almost 2 decades and suddenly experiencing IBS-C symptoms with constipation responding to no conventional treatment I began working with Jessica Vellela, an Ayurvedic practitioner in LA. She explained well why changing the diet and introducing the right combinations of herbs at certain times of the day will gradually improve elimination and restore regularity. It took dedication to the protocols. My symptoms were extremely stubborn. But slowly the regularity began to return, and now seems to have returned to normal. She has a website with a message system that is almost like being able to call your doctor (and have him answer!) and ask all questions that arise each day. She responds most always within a day, often within the same day. Her message system provides easy access and is simple to navigate. I have yet to see a system that provides this professional relationship and is truly a working partnership in guiding one’s progress to avoid pitfalls. I'm in NH and she's in LA and it's well worth the regular guidance and monitoring of progress even coast-to-coast! I highly recommend contacting her to see how it could work for anyone regardless of where they live.

- Dennis W., NH

8 weeks

"It has been miraculous so far!"

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have Jessica as my Ayurvedic doctor. She has improved my life tenfold by being able to pinpoint and heal a decades long health issue that Western medicine was unable to do anything about. Starting in 1993, my bilirubin began running mysteriously high, baffling every doctor I went to in two states. They ran blood panel after blood panel, hoping each time something would be different or that an explanation for the elevated results would appear. I even had two bone marrow taps because they were positive they were missing something. They finally diagnosed me with “Gilbert’s Syndrome” a benign condition meaning “unexplained high bilirubin” and said that I would have to learn how to live with my health the way it was and avoid certain triggers that could complicate it more. I had been doing that, which truly meant living with malaise, anemia, yellow eyes and skin, and a whole host of other issues, until someone suggested I call Jessica. Jessica let me know right away that it would take a while to correct such a long term issue. But I didn’t care - she said she could correct it!! No one had ever said to me, “I know what is going on with you and I know how to heal it,” except Jessica. You can not imagine the joy and humility I felt at hearing those words. It still makes me tear up writing about it! We are seven months into the protocol and it has been miraculous so far. I am feeling healthy for the first time in my life! Jessica went above and beyond the expected to get the herbal remedies I needed from India. I continue to be impressed with her wisdom, compassion and tenacity each time we speak . Whatever your ailment, I have the utmost confidence she can get to the root of it and heal it with classical Ayurvedic treatments. I am eternally grateful to you, Jessica!

- Beth B., Winston-Salem, NC

28 weeks

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Step 1

Free current health analysis

Detailed health assessments

Set personal goals

Step 2

Customized Ayurvedic Health Guide

Work one-on-one with the world's best Ayurvedic experts

Step 3

Monitor progress and measure results

Improve diet, lifestyle and overall health

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