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Julie Wardwell, CAP, LMT

Svastha Āchārya (SA)

Julie Wardwell is a Svastha Āchārya who understands Āyurveda and its natural, holistic approaches to health. As a Licensed Massage Therapist and with training in Western Herbalism, she bridges the classical Āyurvedic methods with Western lifestyles.

Julie Wardwell is an Āyurvedic Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Therapist of the Sivananda tradition. She was introduced to yoga in 1998 while living in Los Angeles and working in corporate travel management. In this high-stress environment, she found yoga
offered very effective supports and paved a clear path which allowed her to personally enact her own healing. It also provided an early introduction to the science of Āyurveda.

In 2006, she studied Āyurveda at the California College of Āyurveda in Nevada City, California. Upon graduating from the Clinical Āyurveda Specialist Program, she traveled to Kerala, India.
There she learned about indigenous Āyurvedic practices at the Rasa Āyurveda Women’s Clinic. She discovered traditional practices handed down through generations of women who wild harvest specific plants and process them into herbal medicines. After returning from India, she set up her clinical practice in Massachusetts. Recently she relocated to Maine where she practices and teaches workshops on Āyurveda Wellness.


Julie has a demonstrated track record as a highly skilled administrator, organizational manager, and problem solver. Her extensive experience in corporate environments has allowed her to take a very practical approach to the application of holistic healthcare. Combined with her broad background in Āyurveda, hands-on therapeutics, Western herbalism, and natural healing traditions, she maintains a strongly grounded approach in practice and application.


Julie offers extensive clinical experience to students through her knowledge of herbal formulations and preparations, Āyurvedic massage, and yoga therapy. She co-instructs clinical topics to prepare students for a professional career in American Āyurveda.