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How it works

We offer a unique tools to help you manage your health. 

Designed to identify your health goals and see fast results, myĀyu offers comprehensive health education and lifestyle tracking.

Choose Your Membership

Your Membership provides direct, one-on-one support from a certified Āyurvedic Health Trainer who can help you achieve your health goals. 


Once you register, we’ll send you a few documents to e-sign. These include your Member Service Agreement with all your membership details and an Informed Consent explaining our educational practices.

Discover my Āyurveda

How can Āyurveda work best for you? Find out by completing the Discover my Ayurveda self-assessment. This is a comprehensive review of many areas of your life that directly influence your state of health. Set aside at least 30 minutes to complete the entire assessment.


Review your results during your first session with an AYUCare Specialist.

Meet Your AYUCare Specialist

Next, schedule your first AYUCare session. You pick your preferred date and time anywhere between 3 and 14 days from the start of your membership.

Contact Us

Still not ready to choose a Membership Plan?


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